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Goal 2013 (was 2011): Learn to program proper!

January 01 3 Comments Category: Yearly goals

New Status: Reset, 2013

All that dabbling around didn’t amount to much. Spent a lot of 2012 trying to wrap my head around Objective C for iPhone, but I found it tedious, incredibly abstract and the runway required to produce something was just too long.

Decided to switch back to web focused development, and have started looking into Ruby again which now feels much easier than last time.

2011 Status:¬†Reached, two web apps deployed on Google App Engine…

I have always dabbled in simple web development. Cold Fusion (oh, what a lovely environment…), Perl scripts, PHP… Simple scripting stuff, usually based on cobbling together pieces found through Google and just learning enough to tweak the code for my needs.

Now I want to make sure to understand what I do!

Plan of attack:

Starting with the book “” by Chris Pine I will go through the basics. Once done with that book I will assess where I need to go next.

Update 31/12/2011:

Ok, so I did manage to build two applications on the Google App Engine (one to show the weather in London for tomorrow in a graphic way, and one that redirected user to a specific start page in a localised website based on their IP address), so I must say I didn’t do all too bad. Never even got started on the app development. That will be the goal for next year, I think I have a good idea…


Update 30/07/2011:

Must admit this has stalled completely. Need to shape up. Work, social media, reading and blogging on and has completely eaten up all my time… Sure, there has been some Minecraft playing going on as well, so if I really put my mind to it I could get more done on this!

Update 10/02/2011:

While “Learn To Program” is a good read, the archaic and complicated feel of the Ruby language did my head in so I ditched it! Instead I discovered Python, which is another modern and object oriented scripting language. I knew about Python before, but thought it would be way beyond my abilities. Quite the opposite! So much more straight forward and natural feeling to me! In fact, I was able to take an idea from start to finish and deploy it on the Google App Engine in less than a day.

For the Livebookings restaurant online marketing blog I needed a way to link to pages on the Livebookings websites for seeing events schedules, joining the Livebookings network and so on. Problem is that depending on which country the visitor is in, the link need to change a bit… So I wrote a Python script to do that, the Livebookings Geoswitcher, complete with logging and the ability to “fake” which country I as a visitor am in for testing. Brilliant.

Now studying the book “Using Google App Engine” and intending to learn much more about Python.

While building the LB Geoswitcher I also realised that I need to brush up my HTML5 and CSS3 skills… Incredible how powerful these client side tools are today, with a bit of JavaScript thrown in. A bit different from my web coding days at Halmstad University back in 1993…

End result:

Using my knowledge I will do as a minimum one of:

  1. Build and release a WordPress plugin
  2. Enhance the site
  3. Build and release an iPhone app
  4. Launch one or more apps on the Google App Engine

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    Good luck with your goals for 2011, no matter where one is in life or how old one gets there is always something new to learn!

  • Rich Ashby

    Good work Manne, hope it goes well for you!

  • Manne

    Thanks Rich! This Python / Google App Engine combination is great fun. And feels so nice not having to worry about servers, databases, hosting…